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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Thursday 05.17.2001

Day 19

Natasha came after 7 am & told us the doctor was coming in a few minutes. He came (same doctor that examined Michael) & visited Ben first then Laura.
He gave her a clean bill of health with just some upper respiratory congestion.
At 8:30 we all went down to the restaurant on the first floor, similar setup to Hotel Ukraine-buffet with breakfast foods & cold cuts, Sarah liked the food. We ate a lot.
The only juice Laura didn’t like was the grapefruit juice.
Just after 10 am Ena came to gather all the US embassy paperwork.
Ena, Suze & Sheila did all the paperwork at the table while Sarah played with Ben & Jim played with Laura (&changed 2 stinkers)
After 10:30am Jim & Sarah set out to new Arabat in search of currency exchange & drinks.
Jim changed $200 ($100 of Sheila’s) into rubles. The currency lady laughed when Jim showed her Sheila’s tenge.
Jim & Sarah walked "forever" on Aabat St before finding coke at a liquor store,
Jim also bought nipples for Ben’s baby bottles. Over an hour & over 2 miles later (maybe 3 miles) Jim & Sarah returned!
At 2 pm we’ll all go to the US embassy for a 2:30 Appointment.
Anatoly picked us up at the hotel at 2pm for a very short ride to the US Embassy.
Went in and followed the "adoption" signs.
Suze gave our invitation to Window 5 as directed by the sign & we sat in the waiting room with many other families.
Some of the families had Kazak passports with them.
We spoke briefly with a woman from upstate NY who had made two trips to Kazakhstan in order to adopt her Hannah.
We saw the woman with three older girls who we saw in the US Embassy in Almaty. Here too he didn’t seem to have everything in order.
At 2:30 (our appt time) we were called to Window 4 & Sheila was called to window 1. Answered a few questions, signed a few papers & sat down.
A few minutes later we picked up our visas for Laura & Ben, double-checked them & left.
Anantoly drove us back the very short distance to the hotel.
Lounged around, called BeeMa & Mike (FedEx required BeeMa to fill out some forms before delivering the rugs from Memphis)
Big thunderstorm at 5pm.
At 6pm we all headed out for a walk for dinner, kids in strollers.
Walked around on Arabat & returned to the Cutty Sark for dinner.
Jim had pork ribs in beer & Cajun spices. Ben fussed a lot.
Not a restaurant to take the little kids to.
Picked up a liter of Apple juice from a small store & back to the hotel & to bed.

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